Day 36... Heart of a Lion

A simple thought can make us depressed. We accept this very readily. We can think of what we don’t have, who we’ve lost either through the end of friendship, breakups, or death and become sorrowful. We can think of where we’d hoped to have been in life at ‘this age’ and perhaps what others have or have achieved. This can all crush our hearts, and lead to (if the thoughts are given too much credence and time to sit) deep depression. (Note that some depression is very much chemistry based, so I’m not saying only positively thinking can cure all forms of depression.)

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As with depression, thoughts can lift us up. If we focus on what we’re grateful to have or give kindness to others, it lifts us up. You see… we can only think one thought at a time, so if we are thinking constructively, we can’t be thinking destructively. One great core of success and fulfillment is to understand that every negative or depressive thought we have robs us of our power to rise to our greatest challenges. All negative thoughts will sap our strength. At times negative thinking is necessary as we process certain issues, but we spend far too much time wrapped in what’s wrong, vs. what is so right. We live in one of the richest and freest nations and times the planet has ever known, but if you watch network news, what does the world look like? One great step to a happy fulfilling life is to stop taking in mindless fictional television shows, absently watching advertising, and viewing biased/sensational news sources. If it’s negative… it’s like drinking poison.

So how has mindset served me today? Since I came back from the seminar, I’ve been getting up at 5AM to go to the gym with little to no effort. I’m excited to go. There are many reasons from visualization of failure and success to forgiveness (not wasting mental space on negative relationships from my past). Yet, one great core is simply telling myself with absolute certainty that I’m a complete bad ass. A lion. A predator of my goals and mission as opposed to a lamb who’s prey, emotionally vulnerable, someone who allows the world to dictate my state of mind rather than setting my own state and moving forward.

This mindset was covered during the conference by Billy Beck, who’s won the Met-Rx’s World’s Best Personal Trainer twice. He discussed the mindset in great detail, and I applied it this morning. I woke up feeling out of sorts. The world felt heavy, but this time, instead of attaching to that feeling and going down a slope of what’s wrong in my life, I said simply to myself, “I’m an f-ing LION,” and I let myself feel it to the core of my being. I thought about times in my life that I’ve been totally on, 100% present and powerful, and I just kept repeating that phrase over and over and prepped for, drove to, and started my workout in the gym. Ten minutes into my spinning class, I was trying to get the stationary bike to pass the guy in front of me. I felt ignited. I’ll cover more about mantras and their impact on the mind (how they are more than affirmations) perhaps tomorrow, but let me tell you, I spent the rest of the morning feeling on fire, alive, worthy, and powerful. Yet… I got up at 4:45 this morning, so now… I just feel sleepy. More tomorrow…

I hope you sleep well and have an amazing day tomorrow!

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