Day 34… Foundations…

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As I move through these 365 days there will surely be days that I do well and other days that I falter. I’m finally mature enough to just go with that. If I get too worked up over a bad day, it will take energy away from my ability to move forward. One thing that is key, accepting where we are right now, whether that is in a completely awesome place, or a place of failure. Only when we accept where we are right now, can we move from that place. Total honestly with self is critical.

Having said that, I actually have continued to do fairly well. I’m no where near 100% in my activities, but I’ve done my daily meditation. I’ve gotten to the gym far more than usual, and I’m overall doing SO MUCH better as far as energy and vision than I have in the past. Yet… I can do so much better. The thing is, I have to accept what I’m not doing, and be kind to myself and simply, instead of pathologizing it, making it a big deal about how my mom treated me, or what I didn’t get when I was X age, just saying, “Hey, I know what to do. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Last night I had some pretty severe insomnia. I didn’t get to sleep until perhaps 4AM, so getting up at 5 was out of the question if I wanted to be even remotely functional. The thing is, I KNOW that if I do 15 minutes of meditation before I go to bed, I will sleep far better. Last night, did I put off bedtime 15 minutes to meditate? Nope. So one key to a great day, is preparing the night before. Laying the foundation in terms of preparing the mind for a good night’s rest, and setting the vision for the next day is so important.

For me, the evening ritual, which is part of my 100% is to light a candle about an hour before bedtime. This will fire up my melatonin cycle, or rather will prevent it from crashing in harsh electric light. To promote this, once my phone is on its charger, I don’t look at it. Not once. Then, I stretch out, and then, I mindfully meditate for 15 minutes. Then, I lay down and the odds of me sleeping deeply are so much more. One critical factor is, when I lay down, to keep that zen mind going. I can’t let myself wander back into problems or contentions. I must let it go. It’s funny because just writing this stack of rituals down is making me sleepy.

So, when I say that I haven’t been doing 100%, these evening rituals are one area I haven’t been committed to, but they are just as important as the morning because they lay the foundation for the morning. I’m off to do that now…

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