Day 22... Motivation vs. Work Ethic

I’m here in San Jose to take part in Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Power Within weekend. I actually used his organization for professional coaching, which was EXTREMELY helpful and got me writing again. Thing is, it came with a free pass to this event… and they’re fun as hell… and I meet the coolest people… so here I am.

I’m standing in line to register, and I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m already meeting some cool people, and I ran into someone I know…

and it’s cool… but there’s a foreboding in it. It’s bothering the hell out of me, and I know EXACTLY what it is. Being motivated… going to an event like this… it really isn’t what needs to happen. Yes, they’re fun, and one can learn a LOT… Most importantly to me, often the friends one makes at events like this are lightning rods of positive energy, and can really become a tribe to keep you going.

Yet, to have success and fulfillment NONE of this really matters. What matters is after you learn the ‘truth’. Learning that meditation will increase the regions of our brains that handle emotional integration and focus, help us avoid long term brain shrinkage, and starve out the areas of our brains that relate to anxiety is all great to know. However, the KNOWING of the facts does us no good. Knowing that weightlifting is good for your health or that eating a balanced diet will increase our years does no good unless we actually DO those things.

At some point, we need to get up on time, make the healthy breakfast, and get our asses to the gym. We have to pick up the weight, move it until it burns like mad, put it down and do it again. We have to sit down at the computer and do the 5,000 words of rough draft. We have to go door to door to sell our product. We have to SHOW UP. Only then will we start moving forward. I see a lot of people (and I used to be one of them) who feel like they’re moving forward when they’re reading information about success. No. You’re not moving forward. Your convalescing, and that’s okay. It’s part of life, but to move forward… we have to DO.

So how do we get ourselves to DO? There are so many thoughts on that. For now I’ll leave you with this thought… When we do something that’s not what we really want to do… when we show up half-way… whose fault is it? Our angry spouse? Our nit picking mother? Our jerk boss? Who owns it?

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