Day 20... Triumph!

This will be a short post as I have a big day tomorrow and I want to get to bed very soon. As the title suggests, today was a triumph (overall). There were still some low moments. For example, I got mentally caught up in something my ex-wife did, but I was able to extract myself from it fairly quickly. Primarily though, today was a positive and rewarding day. I felt solid. I’ve noticed a trend, when I have a bad day, I used to let it overwhelm me, but lately, I’m not giving negativity enough bandwidth to settle in for a long haul. This restriction… cutting off unconstructive negative thoughts and moving willfully into gratitude, presence, and positive future state vision dramatically shifts my view of the world.

The most important thing I’ve noticed is that, when I have a day where I really struggle… if I can get myself to focus on the good and starve off negativity, the next two days beyond that struggle have been progressively better on a higher order. I’m starting to understand something… positive perspective is great when things are going well, but when things are bad, and we could easily run aground, that’s when staying the course really counts and when it has the greatest impact on changing the tide.

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