Day 16… Owning Everything…

I have been plagued by insomnia many times in my life… and often, when I sleep through the night, I don’t feel as though I slept deeply. Well, as I’ve moved into this project, I’ve begun consistently sleeping not only through the night, but deeply.

My theory on why is interesting… at least to me it is.

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Our brain, as we sleep processes the information from the day. If that information is positive and constructive, it files it away neatly. However, if the information it’s trying to process is contentious, it’ll try and make sense of the problem before putting it away… My mind, spinning its wheels like a red neck in a mud bog, would wake me every night pouring over old, unsolvable problems.

By forcing myself to move my focus to gratitude, forgiving the past, staying present in now, and only allowing positive thoughts of the future, when I lay down at night (Again this is only my theory. I don’t have hard science to back this up.) my brain only has positive things to process, it files them away nicely, and I get to sleep.

So what’s the title ‘Owning Everything’ about? It’s part of my thought guidance as I consider the past. The moment I think of how someone has wronged me (at least in my perception) I cut myself off, and think, “What was my fault in that situation?” and “What can I learn from that?” I find it very helpful in letting go of old wounds, and negative experiences, I’ve been completely mired in. I’m listening to an audio book called Extreme Ownership by two Navy Seals who are, of course, intense men. It’s been interesting how much the Seal philosophy lines up with what I’ve come to conclude I had to do in my life to break away and live my best life.

Who’s fault is it? It’s all my fault. That’s stressful, but it gives me power over the thing.

Anyway… speaking of sleeping well… I’m exhausted and looking forward to bed, so short post this time. I hope you all sleep well too…

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