Day 11… Structures in the Brain for Good or Bad…

When we think, science shows, we build structures in our brain. It is a complex process, setting the framework for neuroplasticity. The Blue Brain project in Switzerland is seeking to create a “biologically detailed” simulation of the human brain. The findings of this group on how thoughts are physically manifested in the brain is profound. Here’s a link to an article with accompanying rabbit holes…

There is so much to delve into on this subject, but to put it in fundamental terms, what we think grows in our brains. The more we think about a field of study, the better we get at thinking about it, and the more our entire world will be shaped by that field of study. Study something long enough, and it becomes part of you for good or bad.

One key to ‘good’ though is forgiveness. It turns out, for healthy neuroplasticity, the major religions were dead on. We’ve all heard the maxim, “Forgiveness is for you not the person you forgive.” Well, when it comes to neuroscience, it’s dead true. When we think negatively about ANYTHING, it improves our skill at thinking negatively, and creates structures in the brain that promote unhealthy emotional states.

When we think positively, healthy skills and structures are built. The thing is, this happens actually very quickly. The suggestion is 21 days is short enough for some people to create change. 90 days seems to be a ‘locked in’ state of change. They key here is going back to Day one and that sandstone mind. This is the real science of it. If we keep repetitively thinking in constructive ways, the brain responds profoundly.

All this is so well illustrated in my day yesterday and today. Yesterday, as the night wore on, I got very strict with myself about seeing the world positively, forgiving hurt, and thinking on the past with gratitude rather than regret or anger. As I did that, I entered into a peaceful state. I slept incredibly well (Extremely rare for me) and then was up at 5:30 and to the gym by 6AM. I just kind of ended up there. I lifted, squats, extensions, etc. and was home and showering by 7:15, then off to work. My peaceful state continued today, but as the day wore on, I did not let myself drop into negativity. (Oh my brain tried as best it could to go back there.) I stayed strictly in gratitude for the past (even the hard lessons), present in now, and only thought of the future in terms of what I’d like most to see my life become. The result? The feelings of peace, focus and goodwill continued to grow. This is quite wonderful, but I know I have to STAY THE COURSE as it’s so easy when things start to improve to stop those things that got us there.

Tomorrow is another day, and I must stay on it 100%.

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