Day 5... Gratitude... Or How I Learned to Filter Good...

Brene Brown’s work on life fulfillment, vulnerability, empathy, etc. is not to be missed. She has so many excellent videos on You Tube. My absolute favorite is this one on empathy…

…buuut that’s not what I’m on about today. Today is all about active gratitude. So the thing that I’d like to do over the next several days is go over the specific things that I’ve learned successful/fulfilled/sincerely happy people do to create those states in their lives. Each day I’ll go over one thing in my stack of activities I’m taking on to bend the course of my life.

As far as an update, as I continue to focus on these areas, the impact on my state of mind has continued to gradually improve. Again, the core is to keep going consistently. More on that in the days to come. For the rest of this post, though, I’d like to focus on active gratitude.

Brene Brown found in her research that people who had fulfilling/happy lives all had one common thread, actively taking time each day to consider what they were grateful for. Here’s a video of her discussing it…

One core of success is ‘owning your morning’. That means to have a very purposeful and intentional stack of thoughts in the morning, rather than just letting one’s mind wander around, as a wandering mind will invariably go down the same path it’s traced for years. For some that’s fine as either in the way they were raised or the experiences they had put them on a solid and positive path, but for the rest of us (which is actually the majority if one looks at the percentage of people suffering from anxiety and depression) taking an active role in shifting the course of our minds is key.

Remember the discussion on day one of the sandstone mind? This is where we begin to carve the mind in a different way. Instead of just letting the coursing flow of our habitual thoughts continue to flow over the sandstone in the same way, digging the same channels and curves deeper, we begin to shift the flow, and day after day, carve out new patterns in the stone.

Gratitude is the surest way to break a negative cycle. We can only think of one thing at a time (we can rapid fire many things one after the other) but generally we’ll have one thought at a time. Often, we find ourselves in misery because our focus is so habitually on what is wrong, was wrong, or will be wrong. Yet, when we stop for a moment each day and think about what’s right, even at a basic level such as having nourishing food, it overrides what’s wrong in a powerful way.

I may come back to gratitude a bit more tomorrow. Right now, I’m exhausted and good sleep is a critical part of my success… so goodnight. Rest well…

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