Jeffrey Holt tears apart decommissioned ships that have been crash-landed in the Nevada desert. He’s a shipbreaker, no one of consequence—just as he wants it. However, decades after his role in the world mattered, someone is trying to kill him. Searching for a reason, he tears into the bridge of a derelict Kappa-Class freighter and finds corpses. As he stands on the bridge considering how to stay alive, a hand grips his leg... 

Hammerhead is a high-velocity race for survival, which Sci-Fi fans have rated five-out-of-five stars. Hammerhead is not, however, limited to traditional fans of the genre. With a strong set of fresh characters and a relentless storyline, Hammerhead is appealing to those who simply enjoy a great read.

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                  This is a great book and was difficult to put down.  I enjoyed the strong female role...  

                    Hooked me early and had me the whole way.  Was very refreshing and had a new theme for a sci-fi book, which is something that I haven't run into in a very long time.

                    Hammerhead is a book that will grab your attention in the first chapter and make you call in sick to work until you finish it...  The author seems to be channeling Isaac Asimov and Robert L. Heinlein.

                    Giant robot exo-suits, check. Futuristic "Air Wolf" style combat, check. Alien invasion being thwarted, double check.

                    This book drags you in with a great plot.  The work is very well written and has fantastic visual elements that help you escape into the author's story.

                    This is a great read for those who love action packed, good versus evil, novels. 

                    I finished this book in one day! I literally could not put it down!

                    This book has everything one should look for in a story. The introduction hooks you quickly, the plot is well written, and the characters are interesting. 

                    I read this book in about a week. I could not put it down. So good. The ending was great! 

                    This is a great book - I couldn't put it down.  ...the medical, scientific and military technology are realistic outgrowths of where we are today.