“An advanced extraterrestrial race must, as humans have, evolve into a peaceful society.”

-From Senate Majority Leader Sebastian Flynn’s commencement speech at MIT


“Fifty years later we’re still debating this? An obsolete military desperate to justify itself fabricated that war.”

-President John Moore two weeks before the destruction of Europa Base


“Those veterans suffer only from memory implants. They’re a senseless burden.”

-Excerpt from Vice President Samantha Creswell’s California campaign debate.


“Please forgive us for what we’ve allowed to happen.”

-Note found in the rubble of the Oval Office.


“We won’t make the same mistake they did… They left some of us alive.”

-Fleet Admiral Jeffrey Holt

Hammerhead Resurrection Cover 6 - For Ki


                  Bond hits another home run with this fast paced sequel to Hammerhead. 


                    This book was worth waiting for. It is a sequel that ends a story but leaves you wishing for another installment.  Every page of this book reflects the care that the author took in creating worthy successor to Hammerhead.


                    An excellent story line with a satisfying ending. Characters are appropriately developed, and the plot is thoughtful. Reading this book will present you with the opportunity to examine human emotion and the essence of bravery. I applaud the author!


                    The only problem I have is I did not know this was a second book now I have to lose more sleep reading the first. This author will not be able to write fast enough to keep me happy. I have read a lot of science fiction. This book is second to none.


                    I love how Bond weaves in some of the wisdom he's personally gathered. Enjoy it when I'm reading a story and find myself stopping to ponder a deeper life concept here and there.


                    Mr Bond has created a terrific 2nd book in this new scifi/combat series. The heroes are determined to do whatever, make whatever sacrifices are necessary to end the threat to humanity. The politicians are....well....politicians. The enemy are unknown and enigmatic.  And very deadly.


                    Wow. I love Jason Bond's writing. Great character development and a story that is hard to put down. Bond does a good job bringing the reader up to date on the characters - it's been awhile since the first book. Bond may be the best military sci fi author out there. His grasp of the horrors of war and what goes through the minds of those involved is amazing. 


                    Amazing!! This book is great!! Tons of action, an outstanding story and characters that we love and care for. This book takes place after Hammerhead, and from the beginning it was a pleasure to see old characters back in action.


                    Thank you Jason Andrew Bond for some really class entertainment. The kind of books you want to finish but are sorry to see end. I'll miss them.


                    Just like the first Hammerhead book, I could not put this book down. Bond writes a tight story that is anything but predictable. While this might be SciFi, so much of it hits home to the issues we face today.


                    This book is just as good if not better than his first book (Hammerhead), but you must read the first book before Resurrection if you want to know the whole story. The action is fast and grabs you right away, The characters are interesting and the aliens as nasty as they come. One of the best sci-fis I've read in a long time.